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Writer :  Peter Hurd Date :  2015-10-15 05:20:10 |  Inquiry : 460
Site : http://Setwest Holding Corporation
We are interested in exploring the possibility of representing your
company in the United States. We manufacture copper and aluminum
briquetter presses.
ELG is a customer of ours in the United States and Canada , Setwest
Holdings owns Frontier Hydraulics & Equipment a manufacture of baling
presses since 1964.
Setwest purchased the assets of Frontier in late 2013. Setwest does
not wish to manufacture the type of equipment KS manufactures. It
wishes to sell and distribute your type machinery through its customer
and distributor base.
We were ask to contact you through ELG. If you have interest please
contact me thru e-mail at pereh@hjaint.com or phurd9@hotmail.com
Our toll free number if available is 1-855-498-0088 or 1-716-332-7061
peter Hurd
Setwest Holding Corporation
Frontier Hydraulics & Equipment